Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beer Diary... All Time Most Popular Posts

It's been awhile that I've posted the stats for Beer Diary... Not since this post back in 2009 when the top search inquiry was for my Duvel clone recipe and my beer tasting evaluation sheet. Well, times have changed and so, in the interest of passing on more totally useless information and maybe giving the regular readers a glimpse into what (for the most part) homebrew people are Googling, here is a page view from my Google analytics for Beer Diary... hits.

As you can see, 'Make your own keggle site glass' is overwhelmingly the most popular subject and most of this support comes from online searches. Seems the brewing community wants to figure out how to make these themselves rather than pay the $60 or so to buy one. This does not surprise me since from personal experience I know how cheap we homebrewers are, but what is surprising is the second line item, Pulque.

Spending a few months each year in Mexico for the past several years, I've witnessed the growing interest amongst Mexicans in pulque as having an important cultural significance, and the interest to revive and maintain this tradition is vibrant. But most of the hits on this subject (at least those that find Beer Diary...), are coming from the U.S. which leads me to ask what is prompting this rising desire in Americans to know more about this subject. I can tell you that after tasting pulque from a couple of sources that this is not the most delicious drink out there. In fact, I'd put it fairly low on my list of tasty beverages. So what is the intrigue? If any gringo reading this has the answer, please enlighten me/us. Even though there are 20 comments on the subject, none address the North American popularity.

Pulque from a plastic jug. It doesn't get any better.

As the list continues it kind of levels out in terms of popularity with an anecdotal story, the beer fest event and a technique using a french coffee press for extracting hop flavor.
There's no rhyme or reason that I can see for the randomness of the interests. I would have thought that there would be a larger number looking in the area of techniques or equipment.

Having the above information is valuable for most bloggers that are focused on generating some income from their content but I don't write with that purpose in mind. I want to pass on brewing information that I enjoy writing about with the idea that others can benefit from it. Then again, I think it would be fun to make a bunch of inexpensive site glasses to sell from the side bar. What do you think? Should I go into the business of keggle site glass marketing?

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